Nebbia / Alonso / Bergman / Santos Silva – RELEASE CONCERT!

Till alla evenemang

måndag 26 september

19-20:30 (insläpp 18:30)

100:- (inget förköp)

Release concert for the album ”Ritual para acercarse” (releases Sept 23 on the Australian label Ramble Records) by a new ensemble formed by the Argentinian saxophone player Camila Nebbia. Dynamic and sparkling acoustic free jazz / improv, featuring some of the most prominent voices on the scenes for experimental music today!


Camila Nebbia, saxophone

Susana Santos Silva, trumpet

Hara Alonso, piano

Elsa Bergman, double bass


I samarbete med Thanatosis produktion, Rönnells Vänner, Kulturrådet, Stockholms stad och Humlegården Fastigheter.