Nas Roent live!

Till alla evenemang

tisdag 18 juni

19-21 (insläpp 18:30)

Entré 50:-, inget förköp.

Nas Roent is a jazzy experimental improvisation, an atomic collision between the sound of handmade instruments and a hybrid identity of its members into the future.

They use the musical performance to communicate and vent feelings to fuse the audience into a global phenomenon, a musical fluid in continuous expansion.

Due to his international origins Nas Roent ”is neither from here nor from there”; they mixed lexical and grammatical elements from different languages and an open combination of rhythms and styles.


Nas Roent means red-hot, glowing, ”glödhet näsa” in catalan.

Stephen Mckenzie, Roland Persson, Nacho Tatjer

Nas Roent is fun, tanned and terrific.


I samarbete med Rönnells Vänner, Kulturrådet, Stockholms stad och Humlegården Fastigheter.