Beach Day på Rönnells!

Till alla evenemang

tisdag 21-torsdag 23 mars


Erik-Mark Sandbergs videoverk Beach Day visas nattetid i skyltfönstret på Rönnells Antikvariat. Vi rekommenderar starkt att ni tar en sväng förbi Rönnells innan ni går hem för natten under Stockholm Art Week!
Visningen görs i samarbete med Det Nya Museet som inleder en utställning med Erik-Mark Sandberg i Sundbyberg 25:e mars. Mer info nedan.


My work is primarily derived from environmental observations. The multidisciplinary works are investigational comments and explorations into understanding relationships between contemporary systems and form. The references invoked are from a contemporary point of view echoing currents of decadence. The hirsute portraits are in a sense a snapshot of reverse Darwinism. I was interested in the projected idealized archetype and the unattainable emulation of the archetype in relation to an individual’s psychology. I’m intrigued by the repeated victim of non-nutritional dietary marketing who simultaneously fell for the over sexualized garment sale and the impact of that.

The material and construction methodologies are in relation to the conceptual tensions investigated. The form of the works varies from painting, sculpture, photography, film, and printmaking. I try to work within the forms that decontextualize its original state. I like the idea of decontextualizing environmental iconography and systems like a YouTube screen shot, or an iPhone thumb doodle and presenting the image in a historical form such as printmaking or painting. This practice is a form of questioning archeology or preserving an image outside its binary code before it gets deleted, or is the digital state the more sustainable. The city of Los Angeles tends to be a natural backdrop for my work. The screen, the sun, and terraformed hills play into the pageantry and mirage of an idealized oasis.

I samarbete med Det Nya Museet, Stockholm Art Week, Rönnells Vänner, Studiefrämjandet, Stockholms stad, Kulturrådet och Humlegården Fastigheter.